Requirements to product experts

Product experts at QVC

The QVC on-air sales philosophy is based on the Back Yard Fence Selling strategy, which means that the host and the product expert enjoy a relaxed chat during which they alert the viewer to the advantages and uses of the product.

Qualifications required of product experts at QVC

The product expert makes a significant contribution to the product ’s sales success. Since TV as a medium uses emotion to sell, the ideal product expert should be communicative, open, charming and eloquent in order to hold a relaxed studio conversation with the host.

The product expert must be familiar with the features of his/her product and have a detailed understanding of its uses. He/she must know how the product works, looks (in the case of clothes), sounds, tastes and smells and the effect it may have.

The TV business differs enormously from trade fair presentations, conventional sales talks and projector presentations. The important thing is the relationship of image to words. It is not enough to give a lecture on the product. The product expert must present and demonstrate the product as well as use it to clean, cook, craft, drill, or hairdress etc., depending on the product category.

Casting and training

Every product expert who wants to appear on a QVC live show has to participate in a casting procedure. The product expert is required to bring his/her product to this casting appointment and demonstrate just how well he/she knows it! During the casting, we rehearse the presentation with the product expert and offer hints on how it might be improved. We then simulate a 5-minute presentation in the studio with the host in front of running cameras. Afterwards, we evaluate the recorded presentation and decide whether the product expert is suitable for the live show.

Further training is offered to successful guest candidates, such as individual training or continuative seminars.

Preparation for the show

We would like to use our many years of experience in our business to give you the best possible support. Product expert, Vendor, Buying, TV Sales and many other in-house departments all contribute to preparing the show. Once again: a good sales presentation is not only about words, it’s also about images. Use the advantages of TV to present your product!

Your role as vendor

As a supplier, you are also responsible for providing a product expert to present your product on-air. Our experience has shown that the most convincing product experts are those with a real relationship with the product. For example, the inventor or developer, the producer, a marketing employee or salesperson. However, other members of your company may also be equipped with amazing knowledge, not to mention courage. In addition to knowledge of the product, a product expert must possess the ability to communicate and to be open in front of a camera (see above “Qualifications required of product experts at QVC”).

If you cannot find a suitable product expert, our Buying department can also recommend a possible one or agency-addresses specialising in product experts for the TV business.

No matter whether you work with an agency presenter or with your own product expert – the vendor is responsible for the product training! As soon as you have signed the vendor contract with QVC, please give all the important information and the product sample itself to the product expert. Detailed training is necessary to prepare the product expert in the best possible fashion for the casting and for a successful launch!

Application as product expert (he/she)

You enjoy our approach to the TV business and you would like to be product expert on a QVC show? We are always on the look out for product experts in a number of categories such as Fashion, Crafts, DIY, Cooking, Cleaning etc.

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